How to predict the amount of Chemicals get over the course of ___ days

If you played Growtopia before, or you still play it, you probably have a basic grasp of what Science Stations are. They are what I like to call “providers” (which is an actual word), because they supply you with something, in this case, with Chemicals of different types, twice a day. They are a lot like Trees in this sense, but instead of having to break the Station completely, you just have to punch it once to collect it. The Station will stay there, in perfect shape.

But is there a method of predicting the amount of Chemicals get over the course of ___ days? Is there a method of predicting what types of said things come out?
Well it’s not possible to predict that second alternative, but it is in fact possible to predict the first option. And below is the method.


Yes, it involves math, but that’s the only method I managed to put here. (Apart from just looking in the code for the algorithm. Which is also math.) But this is the basic explanation of the formula:

We need the amount of Science Stations, “S”; the length of time in days, “Lt“, and the result is the total of Chemicals gotten over the time, “C”.

Take S and multiply it by 2 (the Science Station outputs 2 chemicals per day). And then, multiply it by Lt. It will result in C.

Let’s give each letter an actual value. S will be 90, Lt will be 7 (1 week). Well, C will be the result, so we have to calculate it. This is the operation with numbers in place of letters (except C, we will calculate this): (90×2)×7=C.

If you know 9×2 is 18, you’re definitely going to know 90×2 is 180 (it’s just ten times bigger, even). So, we have 180×7=C. And 180×7=1260. So, C is equivalent to 1260. And the operation then is:


I hope you found this helpful, and let me know if you want to see more of those How Tos.


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