A thing I’ve put together.

I’ve thought of putting a thing together and seeing how it turned out. And trust me, it makes for a decent inspirational message. At least, I hope so.teoaf-and-tfgonThis particular one is supposed to resemble an anagram I’ve noticed: “the engine of a film”, can transform into a more pessimistic sentence, “the fine game of nil”. And I’ve decided to take it a step further and transform it into a more optimistic sentence: “the engine of a film is never the fine game of nil”. Surely, it might make no sense, but at least: you can’t have something… when nil doesn’t give you any building blocks.

Sure, “nothing gives us the building blocks for everything”, but what if it didn’t? What if you and I was nothing more than a dream the Universe had… and even then, it woke up… to create nothing at all?

Once again, life is the engine of a film. You are the actor. There is no script; you need to do it all by improvising.


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