Plan on making web comics

I’m currently planning on making web comics. I know, this might have died off at some point but I still find it enjoyable, I just crack up reading these. I mean, if this had died off a long time ago, you wouldn’t have seen comics like “Cyanide and Happiness”, Ryan Hudson’s “Channelate”, “XKCD”, and more. Most likely people would crack down. Puns… (Punchline) Now, not having a drawing tablet, that really sucks, ’cause that ruins my chances of being able to draw digitally. Of course, I have a printer, so I could just print out a comic square frame triplet (that is some fancy way of saying that I could just print a 3-frame strip). And no, if you think I am a professional drawer, I’m not. I don’t have a job… or a large amount of viewers (to date, of course, this was published in 2016).

Some of those comics I’m planning to make are actually autocorrect mishaps I’ve been seeing on Matthias‘ channel (big fan), and I try to bring them on comics because they seem really funny. I know this might sound like plagiarizing, but it’s in fact a homage. (Don’t get all upset, Matt!)

Just try to have a little fun on the internet, jeez! – Matthias

Well, let me know if you want to see web comics surrounding autocorrects and freshly new ideas.